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I Come to You - Mekong

By Burmese Writer

Mekong – I am a poet
I come to you – for
I appreciate your natural beauty
I investigate your inside story
And I am close with you
Mekong – You look like a human being
You have a head, body, arms and legs
Your height is 4,800 kilometers long
65 million blood cells flow up and
down in your body
Mekong – you put your head above the
China pillow
while you lay down on the ground
so your long hair is enfolding
the dry tea-leaf smells from Yunnan
Mekong – you rest your shoulders
on the mountains of Burma
that is comfortable for you
Mekong – your breasts look like sticky –
rice fields
in Laos, they are ripe, coloured
Mekong – your belly is like a Thai
‘girl’s belly
that is not covered between blouse and
but you decorate it with colourful
Mekong – your hips look like sculpted
from Angkor in Cambodia, big, firm,
wonderful and gracefully artistic
Mekong – you place your slim legs
among the green paddies of the delta in
with best-looking style
Mekong – you look like a human being
You have mind, heart and brain
so you feel, you create and you think
Mekong – you ferment your work
Through three thousand years of
civilisation in your life
Mekong – you have created history
You gave a legacy of ancient culture
You nurtured religion and customs
And you spawned legends and
traditions for folk-music, song
these are your milestones and diaries
from the flowing of your life
Mekong – I listened to your timeless
legends and stories
especially, Naga and Praa Kaar
Naga arose from your body
Also human became Dolphin to float
through your body
These are real or not?
These are only legends?
People talk, like and believe these
stories even now
I heard, I saw – these are
very interesting, mysterious,
supernatural things for me
Mekong – I glimpsed your soul in your blood
The ancient temples – Bagan, Vat Phou, Angkor
where fading Hindu gave way to
And tongues you scattered from
southern India
Languages for your people to speak
and sing and chant
Mekong – traditional music and folk
are active in your heart
I appreciated your nice arts
I feel soft and fresh in my mind
Also I am happy in your festive nights
Mekong – I see people’s daily lives are
very simple
in your heart, they live and depend on
they are fishermen, farmers and
ordinary people
like your children, they call ‘Mother
of Waters” so lovely
Yes – really, truly, you are the very
kindest mother of nature
Mekong – you compose your natural
with mountains, forests, fields,
streams, rapids, falls and people’s life
in your body
Your beauty is without modernity
You compose nature only
Now, I know –
The simple is the most wonderful and
the most beautiful
Mekong – your heart and body are so
But, I see some wounds on your body
Blood is blocked in your veins
Who makes these wounds?
Who blocks these veins?
I know – somebody wants to infect you
with modern techniques
So that you will become more
Oh, simple Mekong – don’t you believe
They will make new clothes for your
After that they will send you to the
They will drink your blood for their
They will destroy the beauty of your
virgin nature
There is injustice – There is torture –
There is terrorism –
Mekong – I talk to you
Don’t believe them
Don’t try to be a modern beauty
If you do
You will damage your natural beauty
You will dry out your body
You will lose your life
If you die,
All of your history, culture and your
children will die
Mekong – I don’t want to see your
I want to see you healthy, natural
beautiful forever
So I will save you
I will protect you and I will attack for
Mekong – I come to you

Copyright 2009 IMMF.